Student Learning Assessment

The term assessment, in its most simple context, means “measurement”. Assessment practices may include measurement of performance goals in a variety of formats and contexts.

In academic programs, assessment is focused on the evaluation of program effectiveness through measurement of student learning. A faculty-centered process, assessment focuses on the following steps:

  • Defining what students should learn in an academic program;
  • Specifying where in the curriculum those goals are learned;
  • Measuring whether students have indeed accomplished those goals;
  • Analyzing and using results to improve the program, thus enhancing future student learning.

Best practices in assessment can lead to continuous improvement in academic programs.


Assessment: Terminology and Explanations

Defining Student Learning Goals

Student Learning Outcomes: Sample Report #1

Student Learning Outcomes: Sample Report #2


“Assessment is a process that focuses on student learning, a process that involves reviewing and reflecting on practice as academics have always done, but in a more planned and careful way.” (Assessment Essentials, Palomba and Banta, p.l)