Information for Students

Petition and Complaint Processes

Petition and Complaint Processes

Information about informal and formal processes to address student concerns and complaints.

Students are encouraged to take concerns directly to the person or office where the event or circumstances occurred, attempting to resolve them with the staff member involved or, if that is unsuccessful, the staff member's supervisor.

In addition to the informal process described above, several formal complaint and petition processes are available to students. If you are uncertain which process below is appropriate, please consult with your Dean's Office for advice.

Petition to waive all-College academic regulations:

Grade changes and disputes:

Distance learning complaint process:

Student Conduct Code violations:

Discrimination complaints:

Harassment complaints (Title IX):

Health Center patient complaints:

Public Safety complaints:

The college officials responsible for responding to complaints in each area annually review what complaints have been received to determine where modifications need to be made in how/where information is provided to students or to policies and practices themselves.