Sustainable Features of PRWC

What makes this building GREEN

  • Extensive use of day lighting in all occupied spaces.Sensors regulate lighting and mechanical ventilation levels based on occupancy and available natural light to conserve electricity.
  • Natural convection ventilation pre-cools the atrium at the start of each day by drawing cooler night air across a shade garden on the north side of the building and relieving it out the light monitor 4 stories above.
  • High efficiency envelope reduces air permeability and minimized heat loss.
  • Ground source geothermal system uses the Earth’s relatively consistent temperature to provide heating and cooling for the building through thirty six 500-foot-deep bore holes.
  • Over 50% of the building energy comes from renewable sources.
  • A variety of shading devices protect the glass curtain wall from direct summer sun.
  • Nearly 6,500 SF of vegetated roof area replaces land taken by the building, reducing airborne pollutants, and cooling and adding oxygen to the air.
  • Rainwater from the roof is collected into a 12,000 gallon tank below the garden, serving over 66% of the building’s yearly water needs.
  • Low-E coated glass that lets in visible light without heat-producing infrared radiation.
  • Use of porous pavement and native vegetation in the landscape reduce the impact on the local storm water management system.
  • Sustainable, low-toxicity materials and products, many sourced locally Recycled materials, including more than 90% of the steel.