Outlets and Electricity

The Peggy Ryan Williams Center has been wired in such a way to allow measurement of various types of energy usage including lighting power (for fixed lighting), emergency power, motor power, etc. This separated metering system will allow facilities to measure and analyze power usage within our space.

Two important areas for us to distinguish are:

1) convenience power outlets, which are the standard 110V receptacles for typical plug in equipment (i.e., printers, copiers, desk lamps, etc.); and

2) computer power outlets that have four receptacles marked with an orange triangle sticker which power computers, monitors, servers, laptops (NOT printers).

It's our hope that the PRW Center will soon be added to the College's metering website (https://www.ithaca.edu/metering/), so it is important for us to make sure we are set up to give an accurate reading. Please take a moment to make sure your computer and associated peripherals (with exception to your printer) are plugged into the appropriate outlet. Everything else should be plugged into the standard convenience power outlets. We understand that there are still some lingering issues with regard to electric in some areas of this building, but for those who are able, please make sure your equipment is plugged into the right outlet.

Special outlets

Here are examples of the two outlet types available in the PRW Center. On the left is a standard convenience outlet, and on the right is an example of the quad-plug outlets designated for computer metering.