Spring 2010 Student Project

In the Spring semester of 2010, Vanessa Bedford '12 and Colin Campbell '13 -- two students from Elan Shapiro's Topics in Sustainability class -- worked on a project with Jaimie Voorhees, Duane Corbin and the PRWC Green Team to determine how the PRW Center was being used, understand the concerns of staff and administration of a new high-tech building, and to use that information to try to improve the overall sustainability of the building and comfort of its community.

The students explored temperature and thermostat understanding, window usage, general energy efficiency practices and general sustainability behaviors in the PRW Center through focus groups conducted with a majority of staff who work in the building. By engaging with everyone who participated, the students found that although many people loved the new building compared to where they previously worked on campus, there was a lot of confusion and concerns about some of the building's features.

This web page is a result of those focus groups and is designed to help the staff and administration who work in the PRW Center understand and interact with the building positively and efficiently.

Vanessa and Colin

Vanessa Bedford '12 and Colin Campbell '13