Sustainable Behavior Goals

There are little things we can all do to achieve a greater sense of sustainability. Naturally, all of these things cannot become habit overnight, and some are not realistic for all individuals. But these practices can make a big difference in energy efficiency in long run!

Here are some goals from GREEN to GREENEST:

  • Use personal coffee mugs and water bottles
  • Print double sided when applicable and consider keeping documents electronic whenever possible

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator, if possible
  • Shut down computer at the end of workday
  • Enable power save mode on personal computer/laptop
  • Practice proper window usage
  • Encourage conversation between coworkers about temperature and comfort (those who share a thermostat)
  • Enable settings on personal computer to allow black screen instead of screen saver, especially when away from computer for an extended amount of time
  • Walk around building during breaks (This is to help stay warm on cooler days, explore the building, and have a more refreshing break from long work.)
  • Nominate a green team representative for your department
  • Talk communally about hardware/software shutoff at the end of the day (i.e. printers, computers, etc.)
  • Use designated break room instead of personal kitchen appliances
  • Develop a departmental composting plan
  • Host and participate in an event for the building community (e.g., brown bag lunch, coffee break, etc)

  • Remove personal space heaters and fans, with exception to those who have serious problems with the air in their immediate area