• The Center for Health Promotion (CHP) is an outreach program of the Office of Counseling & Wellness. Web-based Information – The Center for Health Promotion website provides credible health and resource information in many areas of health promotion, risk reduction, and personal safety. The Resource Room offers a variety of free educational materials on topics such as alcohol and other drugs, smoking cessation, sexual assault, and sexual health.
  • The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services offers needs assessment, short-term counseling, consultation and referral for students. During the academic year, a counselor is available for urgent concerns during business hours. After business hours, a counselor is on-call for emergencies and can be reached by calling the Health Center or Public Safety.
  • Student organizations such as the Residence Hall Association and Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER) hosted several events to educate the community including but not limited to: Take Back the Night; IC Sex Behind Closed Doors; Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign; Clothesline Project – Bearing Witness to Violence Against Women; FWD (Fun Without Drinking). Please click here for more information.