Heather Lane, M.B.A. '10

Graduate and Professional Studies | Business Administration (M.B.A.)

What would compel a 40-something owner of an already successful small business to return to school for an M.B.A. at Ithaca College?

Heather Lane, owner of Purity Ice Cream—a well-known and loved institution in Ithaca and the central New York area—had her reasons: “I had plateaued at Purity. I couldn’t beat my best day’s sales,” she says.

Heather always urged IC students on her staff to finish their degrees but was embarrassed she never finished her own. After taking the final classes needed to complete an undergraduate degree in psychology with the University at Buffalo, she was inspired to scoop up an M.B.A. at Ithaca to boost her business.

“I didn’t understand how transferable the theoretical knowledge was until I entered the program, and then it just became this great game: what can I change next at Purity?”

Heather made operational adjustments, which included changing the way customers move through her store and the location of the cash registers. She also modified the prices of certain products.

Then she tackled the human resources side of the business and created a series of videos so that staffers could understand the nuances of making a great sundae or a smooth milkshake, and even how to mop the floor correctly.

Changes like these and others are what helped Heather eventually beat her best day's sales by 40 percent.  She credits that growth to her education at IC.

“The M.B.A. program really pushed me to analyze my operation, make sense of it, and do it better,” Heather says.

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