Shamika Edwards B.S. '11 & M.B.A. '12

School of Business | Business Administration | Professional Accountancy

Looking for a good reason to study business at Ithaca College? Shamika Edwards has one for you: “Ithaca’s School of Business absolutely prepares you for the real world,” she says.

And the keys to that preparation? For Shamika, it starts with the faculty.

“They push you to advance personally and professionally,” says Shamika, who’s now pursuing a master’s degree in business administration at Ithaca College. “They care about whether you’re growing, whether you’re learning, whether you’re getting something out of the experience.”

Then there’s the fact that at Ithaca, preparation for the real world of business means immersing yourself in it.  

En route to her undergraduate diploma, Shamika led a team of Ithaca students to an impressive second-place finish in the Deloitte NABA NY Case Study Competition, a rigorous national student challenge sponsored by the National Association of Black Accountants and international financial services giant Deloitte.“They said we were one of the best-prepared teams,” says Shamika, who now has a job waiting for her at Deloitte when she finishes her M.B.A. “Ithaca faculty were extremely helpful, staying after hours to help us prepare. It was such a valuable part of my education.”

Shamika, who’s from Barbados, came a long way to attend Ithaca. And she’s poised to go even farther when she graduates.

“I’ll be at a global firm solving global problems in a global world,” she says. “I am a stronger person, a wiser person, and a better person because of Ithaca.”

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