From behind the clouds the morning sun appears,
      and light begins to shine on a new day.
God for the Covenant, I am glad to be able to start,
      today, a new task,
      to start all over again, in health and good spirits.
I bless you, my God, for the great will to live,
      and because you accompany me, guide me,
      direct my steps, and give me faith.
I am grateful to you for the miracles
      we discover at each moment
      that help us to live
      and to use the works of your creation.
Praised be you, my Lord,
      for this new day that is born.
Give me your help and guidance.
Guide me with your inspiration,
      benevolence, and blessing.
Help me to fulfill my duties,
      and to achieve my aims.
May your light, the divine light, continue
      to shine upon me.
May this new day be for me
      and for everyone
      another day of your glory
      and a day of peace and happiness.