Links & Other Resources

Use these links and community resources to start making YOUR environmental impact positive today!


On campus resources:

Sustainability at ICIC Natural LandsFacilities' Kill-a-Watt Blog

Organizations: IC Organic GrowersIC Environmental Society (ICES), Bomber Bikes, SWIFT, IC Greens

Local resources:

Food: Ithaca's GreenStar Coop

ReUse and Recycling: Finger Lakes ReUseTompkins County Solid WasteSwidjit

Transportation: Ithaca CarshareCornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County: Way2GoZimride, T-Cat

Organizations: Sustainable TompkinsTompkins County Environmental Management CouncilCornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins CountyIthaca's Center for Environmental SustainabilityGreen Resource HubTompkins County Relocalization Project

Compost: Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County: Composting Page

Other links:

Recycling: College and University Recycling CoalitionThe World's Shortest Comprehensive Recycling GuideThe Consumer Recycling Guide for Commonly Recycled Materials

Go Green: Go Green InitiativeGreenFacts: Scientific Facts About Health and the Environment Grist,

The Earth: The Millenium Ecosystem AssessmentState of the Planet: Blogs from Columbia University's Earth InstituteMother Jones350.orgInform, Inc.The Center For a New American Dream

Shopping: Buy Nothing DayThe Good Guide to Consumer ChoicesThe Better World Shopping GuideThe Story of Stuff

Food: Sustainable TableSustainable Food Lab

Wombat: The Wombat Video