Green Corps will be recruiting at IC in person!

Will Mathewson will be coming to campus Thursday Oct. 13th - Friday Oct. 14th to recruit for next year’s class of Green Corps.

Green Corps’ Field School for Environmental Organizing trains college graduates to run environmental campaigns, starting by building a core group of activists and finishing by convincing decision-makers to pass laws, change policies and create reforms to protect our environment.  But Green Corps is more than a school – it’s a real-world endeavor.  Trainees start working on campaigns from the start of their education.  They make a difference, starting on Day 1.

Green Corps' one-year, full-time, paid Field School for Environmental Organizing includes intensive classroom training, hands-on field experience running urgent environmental and public health campaigns, and career placement in positions with leading environmental groups.

If you want to gain the skills to run a campaign to stop global warming, defend old growth forests from corporate logging companies, or start your own environmental group, apply to Green Corps' 2011-2012 Field School for Environmental Organizing.


There will be an info session at 7pm on Thursday night, and interviewing candidates will occur when Will is on campus.

If you are interested in siting down with Will to talk about this opportunity, please email him to schedule a time to meet. 

- Will Mathewson
Green Corps Organizer