Request recycled content products for your office or department. It is the last but very important step in the four R’s. Purchasing alternatives to conventional products is what completes the loop and makes the whole system work.


Especially when purchasing items in Staples®, look for the recycling mobius symbol:

  • Use paper that is as close to the 100% post consumer recycled content as is possible. Also, look for unbleached paper and paper alternatives
  • When buying products, opt for items that come in bulk form or have reduced, reusable, or no packaging
  • Purchase remanufactured or recycled content office equipment
  • Purchase equipment that is long lasting and repairable
  • Purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs rather than incandescent light bulbs
  • Avoid purchasing paper that has a low recycling value, including: thermal fax paper, glossy/plastic coatings, plastic windows, bright colors including goldenrod, laser printer inks, and adhesive products
  • Invest in refillable pens and pencils
  • Look for editions of books that contain recycled content


Visit Finger Lakes Buy Green for recycled content products: