Benefits of reuse

  • Saves stuff from filling up landfills
  • Reduces demand for new goods, need to extract new resources, energy needed to manufacture and transport new goods around the globe
  • Learning to fix things up can be a useful skill that can come in handy later, such as sewing
  • Reusable stuff has more character; you can find unique, vintage items, or make your own stuff unique by fixing it up
  • Previously used items are often much cheaper than new
  • Secondhand = sooo hip!

Ways to reuse

Places to find quality secondhand items around Ithaca

Lucky for you, Ithaca has a ton of places you can find gently used clothing, furniture, housewares... just about everything. Use these resources to your advantage and you will be doing your bank account and the Earth a favor! Check out the list of Secondhand Stores in Ithaca on the sidebar to the right.

On campus resources