Your Footprint!

Everyone has an ecological footprint. The question is, how big will yours be? 

Check out this footprint calculator and answer 27 easy questions to see how big your carbon footprint is now!

(Throughout the quiz, you can find information on sustainability and its relation to your diet, energy use, recycling, everyday habits, financial habits, cleaning habits, travel, purchases, house, and even your garden! At the end of the quiz, you can find ways to reduce your footprint.)

Once you know about your impact, it is your decision and responsibility to improve it.  The best way to reduce your footprint is to learn about the "4 Rs" (see the four links on the navigation bar: reduce, reuse, recycle, and rebuy) and how to apply them in your life.  The ideas and tips that we have here can help reduce your resource consumption, your carbon output, and the waste you create, which will save invaluable resources for the earth and future generations, and save you and your household money.

The impact that you have on the earth can either be positive or negative.  Make yours positive by incorporating more sustainable practices into your lifestyle!

And while you're at it, don't forget to enjoy the earth we're trying to save!  Try visiting some of these gorges Ithaca parks:

  • Buttermilk Falls State Park (just up Danby Rd, near IC!)
  • Cascadilla Gorge Trail (Court St./Cornell U campus)
  • Cass Park (701 Taughannock Blvd.)
  • Cornell Plantations (1 Plantation Rd.)
  • Sapsucker Woods Bird Sanctuary (159 Sapsucker Woods Rd.)
  • Six Mile Creek Gorge (Giles & Water St.)
  • Stewart Park (Rt.s 13 and 14)
  • Robert H. Treman State Park (Rt. 13)
  • Taughannock Falls State Park (2221 Taughannock Rd.)
  • Cayuga Waterfront Trail
  • Cayuga Nature Center