COVID-19 Testing & Check-In Information

Ithaca College is partnering with Cayuga Health System to test all students, staff, and faculty. Please note that testing before returning to Ithaca does not exempt you from the subsequent initial and ongoing testing requirements of the college.

When students arrive on campus based on their selected time slot, they will check in at the Athletics and Events Center.  

Testing and Check-In Procedure

  • Only students are permitted in the Athletics and Events Center for testing and check-in.
  • Students must be tested upon arrival before being cleared to access campus. These events will be administered by staff from the Cayuga Health System. This will primarily be accomplished using an appointment-based, walk-through process in the Athletics and Events Center. Testing will involve a nasopharynegeal swab taken while seated in a chair, in an area with fabric walls to ensure privacy. Swabs will be labeled and stored per established protocol and will be couriered to the Cayuga Medical Center for testing. There is no cost to students for the testing.
  • Once testing is complete, students will proceed to collect their room key and welcome packet, which will minimally contain three face coverings and parking pass. New students will receive their Ithaca College ID card. Students must go directly to their residential hall/apartment after check-in for quarantine pending test results.
  • Once tested, students must self-quarantine until cleared to access campus by Cayuga Health Systems. The clearance will be issued within 24 hours.
  • Residential students will quarantine in their residence hall room or in a local hotel arranged by the college. Students must remain in the room and may not access the remainder of the residence hall (except to use bathroom facilities) or the broader campus community until such clearance is received. Residential students will be provided with their first three meals at check-in to take to their quarantine location. If quarantine must be extended, additional meals will be arranged and provided by Dining Services.
  • Individuals who are not cleared to access campus due to a positive test result, either at initial testing or any other testing that occurs during the semester, must isolate until cleared by the Tompkins County Health Department. 
  • Residential students who are not cleared to return to campus will be temporarily relocated to Emerson Hall or a local hotel arranged by the college. Students must remain in isolation until release is approved by the Tompkins County Health Department. Ithaca College will provide support to ensure that daily needs (e.g., food, medication) are met.
  • Roommates may not quarantine in the same residential room pending testing results and will be housed in Emerson temporarily. We are strongly recommending that roommates coordinate and plan to arrive on campus on different days to the extent possible.