Frequently Asked Questions About Our Move-Out Process

General Move-Out Process
Questions and answers about the move-out process
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Building Cleaning & Security
Questions and answers about Health & Safety concerns.
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Questions and answers about plants, room credits and housing for next year.
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Returning to/Staying on Campus
Questions and answers about returning and staying on campus.
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Returning/Retrieving Property
Questions and answers about requesting essential items, micro-fridges, mail, and pets.
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Shipping & Storage
Questions and answers about storage/moving companies, leaving belongings for next semester and Circle Apartment squatting,
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General Move-Out Process

  • When can students come to campus to pick up their belongings?
  • How will the move-out process work?
  • How will sign-ups for move out work?
  • How long will we have to move out once we begin?
  • What supplies will be available during move out?
  • Can roommates/siblings sign up for same time/back-to-back times?
  • What if I need more time to move out?
  • I cannot afford to pay for a storage unit, a moving company, or to travel to Ithaca to retrieve my belongings. What can I do?
  • How should students return room keys?

  • Can my roommate or someone who lives in Phase 1 pack my stuff for me?

Building Cleaning and Security

  • Have residence hall rooms/apartments been checked on while students are away?
  • How are buildings being cleaned?
  • What security precautions are being taken to ensure security of my belongings?

Returning to/Staying on Campus

  • Am I allowed to return to campus for any reason?
  • If I am approved to stay on campus, can I have guests in the residence halls?
  • Can students elect to stay in their current assignment for next year?
  • I need to be on campus this summer. What are my options?
  • Will I be able to spend the night in my room or apartment?

Returning/Retrieving Property

  • How can I request essential items?
  • How will I return my rented micro-fridge?
  • How do I get my mail?
  • My pet was cared for by an Ithaca College Faculty member, how do I pick it up?

Shipping & Storage

  • Is there a list of storage/moving companies?
  • I have hired a moving company to ship my belongings, but I want to be or I have to be the one to go into my room to pack them up. Is that possible?
  • Can I leave my belongings in my room or move them to my fall housing assignment?
  • I have been approved to retain my Circles Apartment; Can I keep my belongings in the apartment over the summer?
  • Can my roommate or someone who lives in Phase 1 pack my stuff for me?

  • Can I insure my items being stored by Ithaca College?

  • I can take most of my items home.  Can I store just a couple of bulky things that don’t fit in my car? 


  • Have my plants been watered?
  • For questions regarding room and board credits: click here
  • For housing questions related to next year: click here