Building Cleaning and Security FAQs

Have residence hall rooms/apartments been checked on while students are away?

College staff has gone through all unoccupied rooms/apartments and looked for perishable food items. Any found perishable food has been removed/disposed of at this point.
(Updated 5/12/2020)

How are buildings being cleaned?

General cleaning of common spaces is being completed by the Facilities team. During the move out process all building common spaces and touch points will be sanitized daily.
(Updated 5/12/2020)

What security precautions are being taken to ensure security of my belongings?

The Office of Public Safety is doing regular checks of the community by foot, bike, and their vehicles.  In addition, residence halls/apartments are locked 24/7 and locks were changed on various apartments to ensure the safety of your belongings.  
(Updated 5/21/2020)