General Move-Out Process FAQs

Please see the move-out options page for full details about our move-out process

When can students come to campus to pick up their belongings?

The move out date is directed by the NYS Governor Cuomo and the Tompkins County Health Department. Our plan is in accordance with his phased reopening plan. Higher Education is placed in Phase 4 of the reopening plan. Additionally, New York will re-open on a regional basis as each region meets the criteria necessary to protect public health as businesses re-open.

If you need items from your room/apartment before move out takes place, see: How can I request essential items?

See also: Can I come to campus to get my car?
(updated 5/12/2020)

How will the move-out process work?

Students will complete the Move Out Registration form on Engage to inform our office who is coming to pack your belongings.  This form will go live on Friday, May 22, 2020.  Students will be invited to return to campus is phases based on where they live and their state’s re-opening metrics.  When regions are approved to move out, students can choose a date and time slot (weekday or weekends) using the Housing Portal.  More information about this process can be found on the move out options web page.
(updated 5/15/2020)

How will sign-ups for move out work?

When your area is available to travel back to campus you will be notified via Ithaca College email and be permitted to sign up for a move out time slot. Students will be notified approximately one week in advance about the availability of sign-ups for on campus move out. Once the sign-up process is open to you, then you will be able to sign up for any available time slot.  Students will  sign up for a move out time slot via the Housing Portal via HomerConnect for themselves or their designee.
(updated 5/15/2020)

How long will we have to move out once we begin?

Time slots for traditional residence halls (quads, towers, terraces and Emerson) are three hours long. While time slots for Circle and Garden apartments are five hours.
(updated 5/12/2020)

What supplies will be available during move out?

We ask all students to bring their own masks, cleaning wipes, and hand sanitizer. However, there will be limited quantities of masks and hand sanitizer available in the main lobby of each building. Moving carts/dollies will not be available. Dumbwaiters in Terrace buildings will be available in buildings where they are operational (Terraces 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11), and not in buildings where they have experienced terminal failure (Terrace 7, 8, and 12).
(updated 5/12/2020)

Can roommates/siblings sign up for same time/back-to-back times?

Yes. When the sign-up options are sent out, please sign up for times based on your availability. If you have a specific circumstance or are having difficulty, email reslife@ithaca.edu.
(updated 5/12/2020)

What if I need more time to move out?

We expect all students to move out within their designated time slot. However, we do not expected students to clean their entire room/apartment to the traditional standard of “move-in ready”, we instead ask that all belongings, trash, and recycling are removed.
(updated 5/12/2020)

I cannot afford to pay for a storage unit, a moving company, or to travel to Ithaca to retrieve my belongings. What can I do?

Students with financial need resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak can seek financial assistance for things like emergency travel, rent and utilities, shipping/storage, food, and academic needs. Students needing this assistance must apply here.
(updated 5/12/2020)

How should students return room keys?

Key return envelopes have been taped to students’ doors with instructions for leaving them in the room.  If you live in the Circles, place in the key envelope and return via the mail slot in the mail room in the Circles Community Center.  If you are having a third party retrieve your items from your room/apartment or if you completely moved out and forgot to return your key, mail your key with your name, ID number, building name, and room number in a padded envelope to:
              Office of Residential Life 
              953 Danby Road 
              Ithaca, NY 14850

Can my roommate or someone who lives in Phase 1 pack my stuff for me?

Yes, in the Move Out Registration Form in Engage (which opens, Friday, May 22nd),  you can tell us that someone is packing your belongings for you.  On the form you can also indicate if you need IC to store your packed items or ship them home to you.  After you tell us who is coming in your place, we will send you and that person information about how to sign up for a time slot and how they need to  label your packed items.
(updated 5/20/2020)