Returning to/Staying on Campus FAQs

Am I allowed to return to campus for any reason?

No. Effective immediately and until we receive directive from our local municipalities, students will not be allowed to enter campus for any reason. Exceptions for housing may be submitted to the Office of Residential Life using the online form.
(updated 5/12/2020)

If I am approved to stay on campus, can I have guests in the residence halls?

No. Only approved students may stay/be present in their designated residence hall building. Students approved to remain in on-campus housing for any length of time are responsible for abiding by all policies as listed in the Residential Life Rules and Regulations and the Student Conduct Code.
(updated 5/12/2020)

Can students elect to stay in their current assignment for next year?

We understand the desire to stay in your same room next year; unfortunately, that is not something that is feasible at this time. With housing selection having already taken place for rising juniors and seniors, many spaces are already assigned for the upcoming year. We also work to create intentional communities for first-year or upper year students and some areas will be designated specifically for each. In addition, each year we revisit what Residential Learning Communities will be offered and sometimes their locations may change. This coming year, many Residential Learning Communities have moved to different areas of campus. All of these factors mean that we would not be able to offer the opportunity to stay in your current room, to many of you. Therefore, we are using the Intellassign process so that all sophomores will have the same opportunities for the various upper-year housing options.
(updated 5/12/2020)

I need to be on campus this summer. What are my options?

If you are unable to leave campus and need access to campus housing beyond your approval date or if you have an emergency need to return to campus housing, for a portion or for the entirety of the summer, you must request to stay by completing this form. Please note that requests for summer stays are not guaranteed.
(updated 5/12/2020)

Will I be able to spend the night in my room or apartment?

Unfortunately, no. If you need to stay overnight, you would need to make off-campus accommodation arrangements.
(updated 5/12/2020)