Returning/Retrieving Property FAQs

How can I request essential items?

We understand that there may be students who need to recover certain essential items from their residential room. Residential Life will attempt to locate items in a student’s assigned room and will work with Mail Services to ship those essential items to the student. All items will be shipped via UPS. Items must not include prohibited articles as described on the UPS website. The charges for shipping these items (including insurance, beyond the one box and $20.00 limit) will be billed to my student account. Items may include: laptops, photo identification, and keys.

In accordance with federal law we are not permitted to ship medication. We encourage you to contact your medical provider about obtaining emergency prescriptions to be filled at your current location.

You may request items to be shipped to you by using the Property Retrieval Form.
(Updated 5/12/2020)

How will I return my rented micro-fridge?

Residential Life is working with the Refrigerator Leasing Company to schedule a pick up. This date is dependent on the phased re-opening of NYS. When you arrive to campus to move out, please clean and leave unit plugged in.
(Updated 5/12/2020)

How do I get my mail?

Students can have their items forwarded/returned/shipped to their desired location at any time. Please send an email to with your name, the tracking number(s) for the item(s), and their desired forwarding location. Once received we will help determine the best method to send your item(s) to you. For more information, please see the Mail Services website.
(Updated 5/12/2020)

My pet was cared for by an Ithaca College Faculty member, how do I pick it up?

For any student with an animal in the care of IC faculty, upon scheduling a date and time to return to campus to move out, please email Leann Kanda to schedule a pick up for your pet.
(Updated 5/12/2020)