Spring 2021 Exception Requests

Fulfilling Ithaca College's residency requirement is expected for all students electing to return to campus in the spring who have not received a prior authorization to live off-campus. In light of the shift to remote learning for the Fall 2020 semester, however, we recognize some students may have had to sign a year-long lease when identifying alternative housing. As a result, a one-semester exception to the on campus living requirement will be granted for students who meet both of the criteria listed below.  

  • The student committed to a year-long off-campus lease (through the Spring 2021 semester).

  • The lease was signed before October 1, 2020. 

Students who meet the above criteria should submit an online request, seeking permission to be granted a one-semester exception from the on-campus living requirement. Should a waiver be granted, this does not indicate off-campus approval for any term other than Spring 2021. Submitting a request also does not guarantee approval. When submitting the online request, proof of the lease term and date signed must be provided.  

The above circumstance is the only exception being considered through this review process. A preference to live off campus outside of the criteria outlined above will not result in off-campus approval. Students who are not off-campus approved and who prefer not to live on campus may elect to study remotely while living at their home/permanent address. This option may be selected when completing the Spring Declaration Form which will be available when spring course registration begins (due November 20, 2020). Students who elect to study remotely will not be permitted on campus (including no in person classes).

Temporary Exception Requests
If your circumstance meets the above criteria, contact us to request a review for a Spring 2021 one-semester residency exception.
If you have an accommodation concern regarding spring housing, please complete the appropriate accommodation request.
Review Options
Residency/Off-Campus Policy
Review the Residence/Off-Campus policy to learn more, understand the policy exempt criteria, and Commuter information.
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Need Assistance?
For questions about your eligibility, please contact the Office of Residential Life at housing@ithaca.edu or 607-274-3141.
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