Winter Vacancy Requests

Important Highlights in the Winter Vacancy Request Process

Students with one or more anticipated open spaces in their room or apartment for the spring semester have an opportunity to request to fill the space with someone they know.

  1. Forms are available on the Housing Portal from November 11th - December 6th.
  2. Students on campus for the spring semester looking to fill a vacancy for the spring semester must remove all of their belongings and return their room keys before leaving campus in December.
  3. All students residing in the room with the vacancy and the person looking to move must fill out the vacancy request.
  4. There will be a slight possibility that a vacancy request cannot be honored. A typical reason a vacancy request isn't honored is that the person expected to leave the room has changed plans and stays for the spring semester, or the vacancy doesn't occur before housing assignments post on Monday, January 10th.
  5. Vacancy Requests are approved partially open spaces in double rooms and apartments. Requests to move to fully empty residence hall rooms or fully vacant apartments are not applicable.

Please read the sections below for complete details.

Full Details

Winter Vacancy Request forms are available on the Housing Portal (via HomerConnect) from November 11 - December 6.

For a Winter Vacancy Request to be approved, the following must occur:

  1. The vacancy in the room/apartment must occur before the Spring 2022 assignments post on the Housing Portal on Monday, January 10, 2022.
  2. Everyone assigned to the room/apartment with the open space must submit the vacancy request to pull a specific person into their room/apartment.
  3. The student desiring to move to the specific room/apartment must also submit a vacancy request to move to this known space.

Winter Vacancy Request forms will be available on the Housing Portal (accessed via HomerConnect) in mid-November. Housing will notify students via email when the forms become available and will include relevant due dates.

Students requesting to move into a new spring assignment through this process should plan to fully move out of their fall assignment before leaving campus for the semester break. You may then check into your new housing assignment on one of the January Move-In days. You have the following options to complete this expectation: 

  • Remove all belongings, return your key when departing campus in December, and return with your belongings in January.
  • Request temporary winter storage for a fee through the IC Warehouse.
  • In the rare circumstance that a spring vacancy is available before the end of the fall semester, you may be able to bring your belongings to your spring assignment before leaving campus. The ability to do this is uncommon because availability is often unknown until a day or two before December Closing.  
  • In a small number of circumstances, a student may move out in December but ultimately not receive a room change into their anticipated new spring room. In this situation, the student would check back into their fall assignment.
  • Students participating in the Winter Vacancy Request process who also desire to apply for WINTER BREAK OCCUPANCY may be required to make special arrangements or stay in alternative temporary housing.

Midyear Room Changes

Room changes that do not meet the parameters outlined in the Winter Vacancy Request process are not available between the fall and spring semesters. Students should expect to return to the same housing assignment they had at the end of the fall semester when returning to campus in January. Spring Wait List and Vacancy Request processes will be available later in January 2022 to request a room change during the spring semester.