The move-in sign up tool is available Monday, July 12th - Friday, July 30th at 5:00PM.

Signing Up for a Move-in Date & Time

  1. Go to the Housing Portal. You will be auto-prompted to sign the IC Community Agreement and Housing Addendum if you have not already done so.
  2. Once on the Housing Portal main page, select "Sign-Up for Move-In Date Time."
  3. Select "Next" from the move-in sign up page.
  4. Indicate your move-in transportation plans and select next.
  5. Choose a move-in date and time and select next. (If the date/time you selected is not available, you will be instructed to go back and select another.)
  6. Preview your move-in date and time and select "Finish" to reserve your spot. (Do not close the webpage without selecting “Finish” or your move-in date/time will not be saved.)
  7. You will see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email when the process is complete. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Not sure what move-in dates you are eligible to select? Refer to the Move-in instructions email sent 7/7.
  • Don't remember if you signed up or not? Select the "View My Move-in Date/Time" button. If it is blank, you still need to sign up!
  • Need to change your move-in date/time? Go back to the Housing Portal and select "Sign-Up for Move-In Date/Time."
    • IMPORTANT: you must select "Finish" to reserve your new spot. If you do not complete the process, you may lose your original date/time and not secure a new one.
  • Lost your move-in confirmation email? Select the "View My Move-in Date/Time" button to view the date/time you signed up for. (If there isn't a date a time, that means your spot wasn't reserved. Select a time and be sure to hit "finish.")
  • Want to know when your roommate is moving in to plan ahead for your arrival? Select the "View Roommate Move-In Info" button (if it is blank, they haven't signed up yet).