Roommate Procedures with Move-In

Roommates (defined as any two students sharing the same bedroom, not students in separate bedrooms within the same apartment) will have some specialized procedures as part of move-in.

What to Expect

During the move-in process for on campus residents, each student will have an arrival test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which leads to COVID-19) and quarantine until cleared by their test results. Roommates will be required to separate during this initial quarantine period. The roommate with the earliest move-in date/time will quarantine in their room and the second roommate will quarantine in a hotel. The second student arriving will be able to move your belongings into a storage room in your residence hall (or building close to your building prior to moving to quarantine).

  • You may use the roommate report in the Housing Portal to see when your roommate is scheduled to arrive. (Select the "View Roommate Move-In Info" button. If it is blank, they have not signed up yet.)

All students sharing bedrooms will be contacted by January 8, 2021 informing you of your quarantine location so that you can prepare appropriately ahead of move-in.


Ithaca College has contracted with local hotels and motels to provide an arrival quarantine location for the second roommate to stay in, while they wait for their arrival test results.  The college is covering the cost of the room. Due to availability, we have rooms at different hotels in different quantities each night of move in.  You will find out the specific hotel you will quarantine in when you check in at the A&E Center.  All of the hotels and motels:

  • are within 10 minutes of campus
  • provide linens, towels, and a mini fridge or microfridge
  • can accommodate approved service animals or support animals

Dining Services will deliver the shelf stable food for the students' arrival quarantine to the hotels.  Transportation is available from campus to the hotels and from the hotels to back to campus after a student has cleared their arrival test.  An Ithaca College representative will be in the lobby during check-in and checkout.  The representative will ensure that the room is billed to the college, clear the student to return to campus, and will assist with the shuttles back to campus.

Hotel FAQs

Learn more about what to expect if you will be completing your arrival quarantine at a hotel.

Linens and towels are provided. There will also be a minifridge. You are encouraged to bring an essential bag with items that you may need for your short stay. 

No, this would invalidate the quarantine and your testing from check-in.  

  • In an emergency, please dial 911.  
  • If you have a concern with your hotel room (such as a critical maintenance issue), please contact the hotel front desk.  
  • If you another urgent need, please call the Office of Residential Life at 607-274-3141 (Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM) or the Office of Public Safety after hours at 607-274-3333. 

This is not possible as this assignment is based on your specific move-in date and time.  

 You will receive an email from Ithaca College confirming you have been cleared.  

You will be notified by an Ithaca staff representative to inform you of the next steps, which may include additional time in the hotel (or an alternate location) until the results are in. 

Please report to the lobby of the hotel and show the Ithaca College volunteer your cleared email. They will give you instructions for returning to campus, and if you need a ride, will let you know when the shuttle is picking up students. There will be transportation shuttles provided by IC.  

Please follow the instructions on the storage card you received at move-in or that are posted on the storage lounge in your building. A volunteer will meet you at the storage location to unlock the space and release your items to you. You will need to move the items into your room as moving assistance is not available.