FIRST Place Residential Learning Community

FIRST Place Residential Learning Community (RLC) is open to any student who identifies as first-generation (students - and their siblings - who are the first in their family to attend college) regardless of class year. It will enable students to connect over shared experiences and provide an opportunity for support and growth by both their peers, staff, faculty and the IC community. 

The FIRST Place RLC goals are for students to:

  • develop a Personal Success Plan with goals centered on involvement, academics, wellness, and relationships.
  • build a Foundational Support Network with peers and peer leaders.
  • form Meaningful Connections with faculty and staff mentors.
  • explore Campus, emphasizing classrooms & resources, to build self-confidence navigating a new home.
  • strengthen Academic Skills that will help in transition and throughout first semester.
  • reflect on Intersectional Identities that impact the college experience.

Location: East Tower 5th floor

Population: all students

Number of Residents: 25

Room Styles: Doubles & Singles on a gender neutral floor

If you have questions about the FIRST Place RLC, please contact:

  • Sara Rodrigues, East Tower, Residence Director
  • RLC Associates:
    • Justine Avila, Assistant Director, New Student and Transition Programs
    • Maria DiFrancesco, Professor, Modern Languages & Literatures and Director of the Exploratory Program
  • Eileen Roth, Residential Education Coordinator
  • Beth O'Neill, Assistant Director for Staff & Programs

How to Apply

You can apply for the FIRST Place Residential Learning Community by going to HomerConnect.