Virtual Residential Experience

The Office of Residential Life is excited to engage with students who would have been living on campus with us this fall and help connect you with others in your IC residential community. Several virtual residential areas have been created: Lower Quads/Gardens, Upper Quads, Circles, Towers, and Terraces. If you were planning to live in one of those areas, you may engage with others through social media and participate in weekly program offerings throughout the semester. Click here for a full list of all events sponsored or co-sponsored by Residential Life. 

Students living on campus this fall will also have an opportunity to connect through virtual events. Residential Life staff are planning a virtual event each week as well as reaching out via Instagram.

RAs on campus will be on duty Monday –Friday 5:00 PM – 8:30 AM.  On Saturday/Sunday staff will be available all day, if you need assistance please call 607-220-4363.  Otherwise, the Office of Residential Life is open Monday –Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM and can be reached at 607-274-3141 and/or reslife@ithaca.edu.  

Meet the Staff

RD: Sara Rodrigues

Virtual RA Staff:  

  • Syona Ayyankeril 
  • Elizabeth Cady 
  • Jennifer Lema 
  • Harley McKenzie 
  • Elena Tansley 
  • Frankie Walls 

RD: Laura Bonerbo

Virtual RA Staff:  

  • Jaida Browne 
  • Kinza Ceesay 
  • Sarah Christiansen 
  • Bryn Donovan 
  • Edie McRoberts 
  • Jeffrey Taylor 

RD: Terell Bennett

Virtual RA Staff:  

  • Mateo Flores 
  • Yakira Jack 
  • Cassandra Logedo 
  • Jessica Scarano 
  • Sheila Wallis 

RD: Darius Cureton

Virtual RA Staff:  

  • Olivia DiPasca 
  • Molly Whitehead 

RD: Darius Cureton

Virtual RA Staff:  

  • Jackson Bernhard  
  • Stephanie Fine  
  • Kelli Friedman 

RDs: Samm Swarts and Alex Devers  

RA Staff: 

  • Circles: Mikayla Caruso  
  • Gardens: Nolan Yowell  
  • Towers: Sebastian De la Paz, Tiro Serobe