Quarantine and Isolation Overview

Two students wearing face coverings.

Independent students living off campus may at some point learn they have tested positive for COVID-19 or be identified as close contact. All students enrolled at Ithaca college will have weekly mandatory COVID-19 testing, see more about our COVID-19 testing.

Students living off-campus who are instructed to quarantine or isolate will remain in their independent living residence.

On campus quarantine or isolation options will not be available to students residing off-campus. It is important that you prepare in advance should you need to complete quarantine or isolation.

What To Expect

If you test positive for COVID-19, you will first be contacted by the Tompkins County Health Department. The Health Department will provide guidance regarding isolation and initiate the contact tracing process. Hammond Health Center will also contact you to assist in any medical-related questions and provide resources.  Close contacts identified by the contact tracing process will also be notified by the Health Department and placed in quarantine.  

Hammond Health will check-in with you through the mandated quarantine or isolation process. You will also be provided with an Off-Campus quarantine/isolation phone number for non-medical guidance (such as finding grocery delivery services). It is important for you to understand that as a student living independently, you will be responsible for costs related to services such as meal or grocery delivery. We have identified local partners who can offer discounts for Ithaca College students for these services. If a student is having financial difficulty you can apply for funds through the Dean of Students Office, here.

Taking the necessary steps to prepare for your return to South Hill helps us all to have a successful Spring semester. We are thankful for your hard work to keep our community safe and continuing to practice safety measures for the IC and Ithaca communities.