Return To Campus Check List:

Fill Out The Spring Declaration    
Fill out the 
Community Agreement  
Have all the 
Supplies You Need  
Make sure your Local Address is correct:

  1. On HomerConnect scroll to the bottom and click My Personal Information    
  2. Click on the Personal Information Box    
  3. Review your displayed information. If you need to make changes please submit the following forms as needed  
  4. If your address is not correct fill out Change Of Address Form

Complete COVID-19 Course

  • To begin the training, go to https://learn.ue.org/Login2.aspx   
  • Enter your login credentials. If you already have an account with United Educators, then login using your existing credentials.  
  • If you are new to United Educators, then login as follows:   
    • Username: Your Ithaca College email address  
    • Password: Welcome1!
  • The first time you log in, the system will prompt you to reset your temporary password and set a security question.  You will receive a confirmation email upon successful completion of each course.  
  • If you have issues you can contact tryan@ithaca.edu

Packing For Success

  • Household Cleaning Supplies - In Ithaca, cleaning supplies can be hard to locate or buy in larger numbers. Off-Campus students should have a 14-day of household cleaning supplies upon arrival to Ithaca.

  • Groceries - Similar to household cleaning supplies, we recommend that you have 14 days of shelf-stable food supplies in your independent living arrangement.  

  • Toilet Paper - Although some independent living spaces do have toilet paper provided upon your arrival, you should plan to travel with some to support your four-day quarantine.  

  • Fever Reducing and Cold and Flu Medications - Students who have symptoms of COVID-19 will need to quarantine pending their test results. Off-Campus students should keep fever reducing and cold and flu medication well stocked throughout the semester.  

  • Face Coverings - Ithaca College will provide all students with two reusable and washable face coverings. However, we recommend that you bring more with you so that you have several spares available.  

  • Hand Soap

  • Hand Sanitizer 

  • Thermometer

  • Reusable water bottle

Roommate Agreements

Four students with face coverings and dog.

Having Open Discussions with Your Roommates

The basis for a good roommate agreement is open and honest communication – and this applies to both unrelated roommates and familial households. Students are invited to fill out the Independent Living Roommate Agreement. Filling this out will enter you to win a $100 gift card, you can find the form here. Students can also decide to have this conversation independently from the form. People have different tolerance for risk, so don’t make assumptions about how others feel. Invest time to truly listen to their preferences and share your own:  

  • What public health recommendations apply inside the home – Wear face coverings? Share food or drinks? Stay 6 feet apart? Disinfect regularly?  
  • Who will be permitted inside the home?   
  • What are the expectations for visitors – Is there a limit on numbers? Time? Wearing face coverings? Remaining 6 feet apart?  
  • Are overnight guests permitted?  
  • How will travel be handled? What will be the re-entry requirements into the household?  
  • How is the household prepared to handle illness?