Commitment to Advocacy Award

The Commitment to Advocacy Award recognizes an individual student that advocates for a particular cause, individual, or ideal within the residence hall community. This person is passionate about creating change that impacts their community, the residence halls or the Ithaca area. Examples could be an individual that is passionate about supporting social justice initiatives, an individual that is devoted to sustainability on campus, an individual that has worked to promote campus safety in a variety of ways, etc. This individual advocates for what they believe in and does so in an appropriate and professional way. The selected individual should have demonstrated their passion in several ways throughout the year, not just through a one-time project or proposal.

2019-2020 Winner - Sofia Meadows-Muriel (West Tower)

Commitment to Advocacy Award

 I cannot think of any RA I know who is more deserving of this award. Sofia is an advocate of students of color at Ithaca College and the surrounding community. Currently, she is the President of the Black Student Union, Section Head of Embrace Publication (Embrace aims to curate the true narratives of students. With each publication, we intend to capture, express, reflect, and highlight the vibrancy, struggles, creativity, and experiences of the intersectionality of underrepresented peoples.), and student liaison for Southside Community Center (Southside Community Center works to affirm, empower, and foster the development of self-pride among the African American citizens of greater Ithaca). During our 1-1's, we talk a great deal about advocacy and Sofia expresses the difficulty students of color face here at IC. This past year, she became President of the Black Student Union and has met with President Collado and multiple members of the IC administration where she has advocated for change and increased efforts of inclusion. She has also organized protests in the area which have focused on discrimination of minority workers in the Ithaca Community. One such protest focused on an African-American police officer who was discharged after the police officer highlighted discrimination practices in the department. She has also organized voter registration efforts on campus. When she sees something that is wrong, she does something about it. Sofia decided that this would be her final semester as an RA because of her multiple roles on campus, especially her position of President of the BSU. She loves being an RA, but she is extremely passionate about advocacy and knew she needed to put 100% into it. I am very proud of her. 

Nominees: Danielle Sinclair, Tiro Serobe, and Julia Keene