Emerging Leader of the Year

This award was created to recognize the efforts of an individual that has shown potential to excel as a leader within the residence halls. They are an 'up and coming' leader. It is probable that the recipient of this award will have been actively involved within their community through meeting and/or event attendance. This person's support and 'behind-the-scenes' efforts have been a valuable contribution to the success of others.

2019-2020 Winner - Danielle Castellano (Upper Terraces )

Emerging Leader of the Year

Danielle is an amazing "behind the scenes" leader. She is attentive, caring, and always willing to play her part when it comes to a group setting. I have seen Danielle go above and beyond in the coordinating of logistics for programs, advocating for her residents, and the numerous hours she has spent on the executive board of the Residence Hall Association. I believe that Danielle will quickly become a prominent leader in her community next year as a returning RA.

Nominees:  Kelli Friedman, Julia Keene, Absari Begum, Elizabeth Cady , Jose Blecharczyk , Tiro Serobe, Cassandra (Cassie) Logedo, and Sheila Wallis