Hall of Fame Nominees

2019-2020 Nominee - Hanna Fuchs (EmGar)

Hall of Fame Nominee

Hanna has been with the department for 7 semesters in a variety of roles. She started as an RA and then SRA and now an SRAA for EmGar. Within her 7 semesters has been an exception RA on my staff for two years now. She started out in Emerson as SRA and quickly became a star. Her attention to detail has been exceptional and really propels her to great heights. There have been many difficult situations in EmGar over the past two years and Hanna has shown true dedication in her roll to tackle anything that may come her way. She is a leader for the staff and always takes the time to ask if anyone needs any assistance. Hanna supports the departments needs and goals and has often given critically vital feedback to making the RA experience even better. This year Hanna became a Gardens AA while also maintaining her SRA status as well. We have never had a situation where this was needed but Hanna has done an amazing job of making the SRAA role something she can call her own. Once again, her leadership skills have really shined on my different occasions through this experience. She is a great fill-in when I am not available and has repeatedly taken on new responsibilities to better not only herself, but also her staff and community as well. In conclusion, Hanna is a rockstar! She is completely deserving of this award and all of the prestige that goes along with it. While I am sad to be losing Hanna for next year, I know that she will go on to do such amazing things in her life and career! I am proud to not only be her supervisor but also someone I consider a friend.

2019-2020 Nominee - Maggie Kwasnica (EL)

Hall of Fame Nominee

Maggie has been on the EL staff for 5 semesters, this year holding the SRA role. Maggie has been instrumental in supporting Honors over the years. She creates strong relationships with students and faculty. Maggie is also an extremely compassionate leader; I have seen this most often through her RA role. Some of her residents have needed significant emotional and social support, and Maggie is always there to be a listening ear and brainstorm solutions with the residents. In her first year on campus she joined RHA as a hall representative. She also took the initiative to apply to serve as an Ithaca College delegate to the Northeast Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (NEACURH) Leadership Conference. There have been countless examples of a task needing to be completed for either the RA staff or RHA and Maggie taking the lead to get it done. Finally, Maggie is a highly responsible leader. I can always rely on her to complete tasks on time and also to motivate her peers to get their own tasks done due to her strong energy and enthusiasm. When I think of the Honors RLC I think of Maggie, from a student to an RA and now a SRA. Maggie works hard to make sure her staff and students have a positive experience.

2019-2020 Nominee - Kayla Shuster (Lower Terraces)

Hall of Fame Nominee

When I started my job at Ithaca College, I was overwhelmed, anxious, and scared that I would not be enough to help my students through their struggles. I thought about the amazing professionals I had worked with when I was a student and tried to identify the qualities they had that made them successful. I thought and thought about the way they interacted with students, how they solved problems, and how they spoke to people in distress. What I did not consider, however, was how every great professional I knew was accompanied by amazing students. Kayla Shuster has been my amazing student this academic year. As a 6th semester staff member, Kayla has the knowledge and context of the RA position that I do not have. As my Senior Resident Assistant, Kayla showed me the ropes of my residence hall cluster and helped me make this transition smoothly. Having one foot in each pond, Kayla has been the supportive, strong link between the RA staff and myself. Kayla is a passionate, dedicated student leader with a ferocious love of learning and helping others. Her attention to detail, natural empathy, and servant leadership make her an outstanding advocate and catalyst for change. I am so thrilled to know that Kayla will be emerging as a student affairs professional next year. Kayla has impressed me with her personal philosophy on higher education. She has shared her poignant thoughts with me in regards to college access, and the process in which he deliver information to our students. Kayla’s vision for university academic affairs and administration is founded on a keen eye for curriculum development and educational policy reformation. While Kayla cares deeply for students as students, she also cares about shaping globally responsible university alumni. During the time I spent with Kayla, I quickly learned how much she loves to delve into her studies. She is successfully completing coursework to award her with dual degrees in Feminist Psychology and Music Theory, and is involved in several clubs and organizations on campus. She is a champion for social change and exhibits this through her in-depth involvement with Habitat for Humanity for which she has served in three leadership roles since 2017. Through this organization, Kayla has helped build three houses for those in need, and has fundraised over $8,000 over three years. Additionally, Kayla has been an active member of the Protestant Community Council having planned and lead leadership retreats the last two years as well as holding community events at Muller Chapel. Her advocacy for female representation in music is showcased through the involvement Kayla has with Women in Music and Sigma Alpha Iota. In conclusion, I believe that Kayla has gone above and beyond in the leadership she has given to the Ithaca College community. Kayla has been a valuable member of my staff, the Office of Residential Life, and the greater campus community. She has taken leadership opportunities in stride and has maintained a healthy GPA and commitment to her peers.

2019-2020 Nominee - Hannah Weibley (Circles)

Hall of Fame Nominee

Hannah Weibley is a truly impressive student leader. She is very dedicated to her major, but I have seen her true leadership qualities in Residential Life. Last year Hannah served as a Senior Resident Assistant for the Upper Terraces staff. She was a leader, counselor, and role model for the students on the staff and in her community. She then became an Apartment Assistant she used the skills learned from the SRA role to become a stellar AA. Hannah took on a larger community and came to a small staff where teamwork is critical to the group's success. She works hard to make sure events are successful but offering ideas for improvement and is always willing to do the work needed to make events succeed. As an AA she is dedicated to her community, she is always willing to meet with her residents whether it is a personal issue or an apartment conflict. She has worked hard to help students address concerns and move to a resolution. Another area Hannah has shown leadership is serving on the RA/AA Advisory board. She has been on this committee for a few years and is always trying to improve the RA/AA experience for her fellow staff members. When the opportunity was offered, she asked to serve on the RA Selection committee to help improve the selection process of RAs. For 2 years Hannah has also served as a Staff Justice for Judicial Affairs since August of 2018. Hannah is also a leader beyond the Circles. She has worked as an Office Assistant in Case Management (2017-18) and as a Summer Housing Assistant for the summer of 2017. Beyond her work with other offices, she is a research assistant in the Department of Psychology. As a research assistant, she is working with the Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) to train her fellow psychology students and conducting screenings on children. Using these skills, she is working on her Thesis by focusing on the effects of music on executive functioning in 3-year-olds. Over her time at Ithaca College, Hannah has made many positive contributions to Residence Life, her major, and the Ithaca College Community. Without any reservations, I submit Hannah Weibley for the Hall of Fame Award.