New RA of the Year

This award will go to a new RA from this year (started in the current academic year) that has consistently met all departmental and RD expectations and has gone above and beyond in their role as an RA.

2019-2020 Winner - Winter Faulkner (East Tower)

New RA of the Year

Winter has met and exceeded all of my expectations. She not only took on the role as an RA, but also as an RLC RA. The First Place RLC was in its first year, and its success is undoubtedly due to Winter's work and effort. She was always listening and advocating for her students. She not only had ideas for all of her events but also exceeded programming expectations by including residents on event planning. Winter was such a strong leader on staff. She had a superior presence that was helpful to have on a team that was heavily new RAs. She asked questions when needed but also was not afraid to share her opinion. Winter handled several unorthodox situations on her floor with grace. I have no doubt that Winter is a strong leader and will move forward and do great things as an AA. She does great in a time of new challenges. She has gone above and beyond in representing this department both within her role but also in collaboration with other offices. She has done a great job connecting with both our staff associate Lia and faculty associate Maria. She has been a delight to work with and is an RA that I am extremely proud to have had on staff. 

Nominees: Gabrielle Albanese, Stephanie Fine, Carlos Abreu, Tara Griffiths, Carly Greer, and Jose Blecharcayk