RA Helper of Year Award

A servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop. The RA Helper of the Year award recognizes a student that exemplifies the true definition of a servant leader. The selected individual always puts the needs of others before their own, does what they can to help others, and is devoted to giving back through service to self and community. They work hard as a member of the team, not just for personal gain. 

2019-2020 Winner - Isabella Oliverio (Upper Terraces)

RA Helper of Year Award

As the SRA on a staff Izzy's job is to assist her fellow RA's in their roles although she goes way beyond that everyday as an RA. Not only does she help each RA individually with responsibilities, but she makes sure to check in on each RA once a week. She is the first one to lend a hand when a staff member needs it and is eager to share her knowledge with others. Even if it means doing tasks that don't fall under her job scope. She helps her staff and residents with a positive attitude that is contagious. There is never a conversation with anyone that Izzy doesn't check in on how that person is doing. Izzy does not limit herself to her own staff either. She consistently works to form relationships with RAs across campus and assist them in their needs as well. Working to form personal relationships as well as professional ones, Izzy has helped many staffs connects and build off of each other in the RA role. There is no question that Izzy has a passion for helping others and she makes that her first priority in everything that she does.  

She has been an amazing RA and has always put other before herself. She is a true helper and makes sure to be there for her new and returning RAs. She helps with questions, concerns, bulletin boards and door tags, policy review, and mentorship. She always keeps her supervisor informed and in the loop about how she and others are doing. She does this all while being a great RA, meeting deadlines, making great connections with residents, etc... She is the best!  

Izzy has been an amazing servant leader throughout the duration of the 2019-2020 academic year. During the Fall 2019 semester she stepped up to fill in wherever needed on her staff. She mentored new RAs, created numerous how-to videos and tutorials, and played an active part in the planning of Terrace Rocks. Throughout the rest of the year, Izzy has always been one of the first staff members to volunteer for new projects and is always advocating for the needs of not only her staff, but other RAs as well.  

Nominees: Nolan Yowell, Jenny Lema, Josh Schmidt, Connor Magliozzi, and Ronan Mayock