Returning RA/AA of the Year

This award will go to a RA/AA that had at least one semester of service by the start of the Fall ’19 semester, who has consistently met all departmental and RD expectations, has gone above and beyond in their role as an RA/AA, and is considered a role model to other staff members. SRAs are ineligible for this award.

2019-2020 Winner - McKinley Walsh (Lower Terraces)

Returning RA/AA of the Year

McKinley has been an exemplary staff member during the 2019-2020 academic year. As a returning RA, McKinley has served as a role model to all of her peers. She stepped up to mentor new RAs in August, advised community council all year, and continuously supported departmental initiatives. Further, McKinley's programmatic efforts have been extremely beneficial for our cluster. In September, McKinley was the ringleader of the annual Terrace Rocks event. She hosted a very successful self-care program with our community council, and continued to lead other successful programs with her co-RA, Seth including pumpkin painting and a movie night. McKinley has made an abundance of positive contributions to our department this year. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic shaking our operations, McKinley was on campus and willing to step up to serve the needs we had. She assisted the break RAs with their duties and worked as an office assistant in our central office. She screened hundreds of calls from angry parents, students, and community members for over a week. McKinley has proven to me over and over again that she is more than deserving of this recognition. She may be leaving the RA position, but the impact she has had on her peers will remain. 

Nominees: John Debbie, Elena Tansley, Dylan Carrafiello Costa, and Sarah Christiansen