Domestic Partner Policy

  1. Professional residential life staff members, their legally married spouses or domestic partners (as defined in the policy), and their legally dependent children may reside in staff apartments.
  2. Staff members are responsible for ensuring that others residing in the apartment do not violate the policies or rules and regulations of Ithaca College.
  3. If staff members wish to have a legally married spouse reside with them, a marriage certificate must be presented as legal verification of the marriage.
  4. For purposes of this policy, Ithaca College will recognize domestic partnerships which exist between a professional residential life staff member and another person when both persons sign an Ithaca College Office of Residential Life Statement of Domestic Partnership.
  5. If a staff member divorces a spouse or files a statement of Termination of Domestic Partnership, the staff member cannot have a new spouse/domestic partner reside with them for a period of six (6) months.
  6. Appropriate documentation must be presented verifying that any child who resides in the apartment is a legal dependent of the staff member or their spouse/domestic partner.
  7. No privilege (e.g., medical and dental insurance coverage) will accrue by virtue of this policy to the domestic partner from Ithaca College beyond permission to reside in the staff member’s apartment.
  8. In the event of an emergency, the college must be informed of who resides in a staff member’s apartment.
  9. Staff apartments are provided by the college for the primary purpose of making trained professionals conveniently available for students and staff members. Two bedroom apartments may house a total of up to two adults and two children. The Director of Residential Life and Judicial Affairs will make the final decision as to the number of people who can reside in staff apartments.