Frequently Asked Questions

If something is broken in my room or on my floor, how do I get it fixed?

For life-threatening emergencies (e.g. broken gas or steam line, smell of gas in the air), immediately call 911.

For any of the following maintenance emergencies, immediately call your RA, the RA-on-duty, your RD, or the RD-on-duty (duty contact information is posted on your RA's door):

  • Loss of electrical power
  • Burst pipes (e.g., sprinklers, water)
  • Safety issues (e.g., doors won't lock, doors will not open)
  • Overflowing Toilets, Showers, or fixtures (this is not the same as a dripping faucet or drain)
  • Fire hazards (e.g. exposed wiring, malfunctioning appliances)
  • Biohazards (e.g., vomit, urine, blood)
  • If you are uncertain if the situation is an emergency, be safe and call

For routine maintenance issues, consult the Maintenance Request information.