Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to nail up pictures, hang posters or hooks, or otherwise personalize my room?

Residents are encouraged to make their living space comfortable and personal. However, please take note of the following restrictions on ceiling, door, and wall hangings:

  • Students may not affix posters, tapestries, fishnets, or any other covering to the ceiling in a room, apartment, or suite.
  • Posters may be placed on the wall(s) or door(s) of a room, apartment or suite so long as they do not collectively cover 20% of the wall surface, or cover any fire detection or fire safety equipment, lights, or heaters.
  • Do not hang items from sprinkler heads or pipes.
  • Residents of the Circle Apartments should not use Funtack of any kind. For all other residents, do not use BLUE FUNTACK. White Funtack, tape, and other adhesives may be used as long as they don't damage any painted and finished surfaces.
  • Wallpaper or contact paper is prohibited.
  • Tapestries (including fabric flags) may not be hung anywhere in a room.
  • No curtains, tapestries, or other materials may be hung in front of a closet, room, apartment, or suite door or entryway.
  • You may not nail hooks into walls, ceilings, doors, or College furniture.