Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to decorate my room for holiday observances?

You may decorate your room for holidays. However, no decorations may violate any campus policy. Please take note of these expectations, in addition to all residential policies:

  • Electric lights are not allowed on room doors.
  • You may put a single string of interior lights around or two electric candles in a window only if the lights carry the Underwriters' Laboratory label and are in good operating condition (broken plugs, frayed, or damaged electrical cords are not acceptable).
  • Lights may never be wrapped around items such as bed frames as this significantly increases the risk of fire.
  • Holiday lights should be turned off when you and your roommate(s) leave the room.
  • Candles are not permitted in student residence hall rooms or apartments under any circumstances. Candles for religious observances may be permitted in the lounges with approval from Residential Life staff.