Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my keys. What do I do?

If your room key is lost or stolen, you must contact your Residence Director or your Area/Satellite office immediately. The Office of Residential Life will immediately notify the appropriate Facilities personnel to change the lock.

You should expect a new lock on your room door within two business days from the time you report your key lost or stolen. Once the report is made, the lock will be changed regardless of whether or not the key is subsequently found.

The new key for your room will be available at your Area or Satellite office. A student will be charged $40 for each lock change and $2.00 for each required key (one per resident and one lock-out key). There is also a $5 replacement charge for each lost or stolen mailbox key. There is a $5 charge for replacement bedroom keys in the Circle Apartments. In the event that a lock-out key is required as result of lost or stolen keys, the fee will be folded into the cost of the recore.