Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Internet access in my room?

Direct campus network connections are available in all residence hall rooms and apartments. After purchasing the necessary network interface for your personal computer, you will be able to connect your computer directly to the campus computer network and the Internet.

Basic Apogee service is free-of-charge, but you must set up an account with Apogee in order to access the campus network. You can contact Apogee Resnet at (866) 478-8861 or from an on-campus phone at 5-2248. You should also contact Apogee for information regarding purchase of a network interface and any other connection-related questions.

There are also 15 computer labs with over 300 computers available for student use throughout the campus. One is located in the West Tower. Another for students in the Humanities & Science Honors Program is located in Lyon Hall. Another for students in the H.O.M.E. program is located in Terrace 03. Some labs are open 24 hours a day.