Getting Settled

If your house or apartment is unfurnished, you can obtain furniture and decorations inexpensively. Check the local newspapers and bulletin boards for garage, yard, and moving sales, and the yellow pages under "furniture-used."

Water is usually included in the rent, but other utilities may have to be requested and paid for separately. Natural gas and electricity are usually provided by the NYSEG. Visit NYSEG online or call (800) 572-1111 to set up service. Don't wait as your request can be scheduled weeks in advance, but at least 24 hours' notice is required.

To connect phone service, consult the information pages on the Verizon website. You may be able to save money on installation by arranging with Verizon and the former tenants to take over the existing service.

Internet service is available through a variety of providers listed in the yellow pages. If you are ordering high-speed service, it takes a week or so for the line set up and for hardware to be delivered.

Television service is available through Time Warner, DirectTV, Dish Network and others. There is an installation or hookup fee, and a monthly service charge based on the service package. Installation may be delayed two weeks or more if you order service in August or September.

Trash and Recycling

If trash removal is your responsibility:

  • in the City of Ithaca, you need to buy garbage tags. These are available at City Hall, and at local grocery and some convenience stores. Properly tagged garbage bags and garbage cans are picked up weekly at curbside.
  • in the Town of Ithaca, you need to contact a private hauler listed in the yellow pages.

Recyclables are picked up by Tompkins County biweekly at the curbside along with your regular garbage. Recyclables must be placed in reycling bins or containers of similar size which are clearly marked with an "R" (e.g., laundry basket, milk crate). You can purchase recycling bins from the Tompkins County Solid Waste Division for $5.00 per bin. For information regarding pickup dates or specific recyclables, contact the Tompkins County Solid Waste Division at (607) 273-6632.