Room Selection and Room Changes

Ithaca College offers a wide variety of housing options, including traditional residence halls and special-interest areas. We suggest that new students familiarize themselves with the types of rooms available in our Residence Halls, and with where traditional and special housing options are available prior to the selection process on HomerConnect.

New and returning students will select their own housing assignment on HomerConnect. Each student must complete a housing profile on HomerConnect prior to their selection date (selection timelines are published in the Residential Life Calendar).

Learning Communities and Substance Free housing require a separate application with approvals posted on HomerConnect. Eligibility for all Learning Communities is based upon an essay application available on HomerConnect. Participants are expected to be actively involved in the program. Please refer to the Specialty Housing Communities page for descriptions of each community.

Students may attempt to select together as roommates, but there is no guarantee a desired space will be available. In addition, Ithaca College only allows selection for roommates of the same biological sex (if you identify yourself as a transgendered student and would like to request housing not typically considered during the selection process, please refer to the transgender sidebar on the Special Accommodations page).

Room Rates and Account Charges

The Office of Student Financial Service automatically charges incoming student accounts for a traditional double room. Your account will be adjusted to the applicable room rate once your room selection is made, but this may not be reflected by your student account statement until the billing cycle following opening weekend.

Board Policy

All students who reside in traditional residence hall rooms (singles, doubles, triples, Emerson doubles, triples, quad rooms, extended occupancy and temporary housing) are required to be on a meal plan. Residents of the apartments are not required to purchase a meal plan, but may do so by contacting Student Financial Services.