Finding a Roommate

A common anxiety for most new residents at Ithaca College is that you and your roommate won't be compatible. Finding someone who is 'a perfect match' before housing profiles are due or room selection begins can become a frustrating and time-consuming mission.

Relax! The simple fact is that the vast majority of students in our residence halls get along with their roommate(s) regardless of how they became roommates. Within the usual give and take of any relationship, it's highly likely you and your roommate will get along as well.

That being said, the process of finding a roommate can be a great way to meet other Ithaca College students and expand your group of friends. Sharing your housing profile or a chat on IC Peers may spark a relationship that lasts a lifetime, even if you don't become roommates.

Having things in common with your roommate may seem important, but keep an open mind. Having differences can often make a roommate relationship more rewarding. If you do make a list of important characteristics you'd like in a roommate, try to keep the 'musts' and 'must nots' to a minimum.

Where to Look for a Roommate

You may 'hit it off' with a potential roommate, but take the time to find him or her more than likable. Asking about personal habits and the like before deciding to share a room can often make the difference between becoming good friends or adversarial roommates.

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