Most bedrooms and common living areas in Ithaca College residences, except for kitchens and bathrooms, are carpeted. All windows in the Quads, Emerson Hall, and the Garden Apartments are provided with drapes. Blinds or shades are provided in the Circle Apartments, East Tower, West Tower, and the Terraces, except for Terraces 5, 9, 10, 11, which have drapes. Bathrooms in Emerson Hall, apartments, and when included with other rooms are provided a shower curtain. Common bathrooms are furnished with a locking shower door.

Each resident is provided an extra-long twin bed, except for Circle Apartment single bedrooms which have full-sized beds, a desk and chair, a free-standing or under-bed dresser, and a built-in closet, free-standing wardrobe, or a wardrobe/dresser combination.

Apartments are furnished with a dining table, chairs, coffee table, end tables, and other seating appropriate to the apartments capacity. Apartment kitchens include an electric range, microwave, and refrigerator as well as built-in cabinets for storage of dishware, utensils, and pantry items.

Traditional residence halls also include a TV lounge (basic cable service provided), at least one study lounge, a kitchen or kitchenette which is complete with an electric range, microwave, refrigerator and sink, a self-service laundry room, and a vending area. Lounges are carpeted.

To prevent loss or damage to College property, students may not disassemble or remove any College property from a room, apartment, lounge or common area. Students may not block any exits from a room, apartment, lounge or common area with furniture.

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Beds and Linens

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Beds and Linens