Housing and Meal Arrangements for Sick Students

Students who are sick with influenza or influenza-like illnesses will self-isolate in their residence hall room or apartment.

  • Students who are feeling too sick to go to the dining hall due to an illness OR self-isolating will be able to have a friend or roommate pick up meals from the dining hall for them.
  • The sick student can have a friend go to the Dining Hall with the sick meal pick-up form to get Grab and Go meals.
  • The sick student’s friend or roommate can get sick meal pick-up form from their Resident Assistant or Residence Director.

If a Health Center clinician identifies a student with a known or suspected acute communicable disease that requires strict isolation, the clinician will work with the Office of Residential Life to identify a location to house the student where they can be in isolation. The Residential Life Staff member will meet the sick student to provide them with room keys and to arrange for the student to be transported to pick-up the belongings they need to move to the isolation room. The isolation room will typically be a single room with a private bathroom, and a microwave and fridge in the room as long as the space is available.

The Health Center will provide the student with appropriate medications, thermometer, masks, etc. The RD on duty at the time that the isolation room is arranged will be the point person for this student but may delegate duties to the other Residential Life staff.

Residential Life notifies Dining Services main office that there is a student in isolation. The Health Center and/or Res Life will provide the student with an authorized sick meals pass that indicates the student is ill and eligible for sick meals. The Residence Director will provide paper order forms for the student to order a daily meal box that will provide adequate food for one full day of meals. The student will have some choice as to what is in the box based on a list of specific options. The form will include student’s ID number so that meals can be charged to their dining plan.

The daily meal boxes will be delivered to the student’s room by the RD on duty or the RD for the residence hall with the Isolation Room – or the student may opt to have a friend pick it up and deliver it to them and will indicate that on the order form. The order form for the following day can be picked up at that time the meal is delivered.