What to Bring

What to bring to campus is often a difficult list to assemble before you pack. Your questions are probably many such as, "Do I need shower slippers, a laundry bag or basket, or a flashlight?" And if you bring your bicycle, is there a safe place to store it other than in your room?

Some packing choices are easy: you do not need to bring a vacuum cleaner as a limited number of lightweight vacuums are available to borrow for your use. Simply contact your RA when you check in as to how to get one when you need it.

Other packing decisions are more personal choice. While each residential room has a room light, many residents still want to have a desk lamp. Some residents want an outfit for every occasion while others are content with a basic wardrobe.

Just as important to your packing choices is knowing what not to bring. While certain items are unnecessary or will simply cramp your limited living space, others are prohibited.

We've tried to make your packing decisions a lot easier by creating suggested packing lists. There is one provided for residents of traditional rooms and another for residents of apartments.