Circle Apartments

Circles Check-in and Check-out

Checking In

Fall residents (including Spring residents of the Circles who are moving to a different Circle Apartment for the Fall semester) may not check in prior to the published check-in date for the Fall semester (see Important Dates). New Spring residents (including students returning to campus from Study Abroad, the London, LA and NYC programs) may not check in prior to Move Around Day (see Important Dates).

Checking Out

Fall semester residents who will not be living on campus during the Spring semester (e.g., December graduates, Study Abroad, LA, London, and NYC Program), must check out by the Residence Hall closing date for Winter break (see Important Dates). Squatters are not required to check out during the Summer recess. All other Spring semester residents must check out by 5:00 p.m. on July 7 (this includes residents who are moving from their Spring semester apartment to a different apartment for the Fall semester).

The days between July 7 and the published Fall check-in date are needed to conduct damage assessments, make necessary repairs, and prepare apartments for new residents. You may check in or check out of your Circle Apartment at the Circles Community Building during business hours.