Circle Apartments

Apartment Features

Circle Apartments features:

  • Campus Meal Plan not required.
  • Extended residency (opens prior to and closes after traditional housing).
  • Open over Spring, Winter and Thanksgiving Breaks.
  • Heat, air conditioning, hot water, Apogee (campus Internet service provider), maintenance, trash removal and recycling included (air conditioning in each bedroom and living area).
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting, and designer coordinated paint scheme.
  • Patio off each living area (balcony upper units).
  • Full-size beds in single bedrooms (54" x 76").
  • Large kitchen with full-size electric appliances with pass-thru to dining area.
  • Co-ed apartment option with individually lockable bedrooms for privacy.
  • Opt-in phone service and cable TV available (cable must be contracted with Time-Warner of Ithaca).
  • Connector road and walkway to campus (12 minute walk to center of campus).
  • Fire sprinklers, smoke detection alarms, campus security, 911 service and Blue Light Phones.
  • Laundry and mailboxes at Community Building.