Facilities Services/Housekeeper Appreciation Week September 16th - 20th

Next week we celebrate Housekeeper Appreciation Week September 16th - 20th. We always expand that celebration week to include all members of the Facilities Services Team.

This is a great opportunity to stop your Facilities Services person and give them a warm thanks for all they do. If you have a Facilities Services staff member that you would like to thank but are not sure of their name please feel free to call the Facilities Supervisors listed below to get more information:

Academic area 1st and 3rd: Sam Lapp 4-1750

Academic area 2nd shift: Art Hardison 4-3690

Residential Life: Tim Shutts 4-1749

Facilities Furniture, Set-up and Events: Dave Heichel 4-5781

Thanks for your support!